Pay nothing for COVID-19 tests and treatment

Our zero-cost-to-patient COVID-19 Subscription Program makes it easier than ever for Californians to get diagnosed and treated for Covid from home.

Enrolling is easy! Simply submit your shipping and insurance information to start receiving a monthly delivery of 8 Covid test kits. 

Each test includes a Quick Care QR Code™ you can use to talk virtually with a licensed Rume Health provider right away—at no cost to you!

No cost, no catch,
no matter what

virtual consultation


*Prescriptions are written at the discretion of your provider

How it works

Share your shipping and insurance information

Once you’ve submitted your information we’ll send a confirmation email containing your subscription account details. We’ll work directly with your insurance carrier to ensure that you’ll never pay a penny for this program. And you can cancel at any time.

Test and talk to a doctor about your results

Each Covid test includes a Quick Care QR Code™. After you get your results, scan the code to book a time–same day or in the future–to talk virtually with a Rume Health provider about treatment options and prescriptions.

Receive a treatment plan to feel better faster

Your plan may include a COVID-19 pill prescription, over-the-counter remedies, or supplement recommendations. We’ll send prescriptoins electronically to the pharmacy of your choice within 15 minutes of your appointment.

A new addition to your medicine cabinet

Each month you’ll receive 8 tests total. Rume Health COVID-19 tests are:

  • FDA authorized
  • Delivered to your door monthly
  • Shipped from a real doctor’s office
  • No cost to you when you enroll in the program
  • An ideal addition to first aid kits, travel bags, and medicine cabinets

Immediate access to on-demand Covid experts

We want to be your conduit for high-quality care. Our proprietary Quick Care QR Codes™ were developed to give you immediate access to Rume Health providers—each an expert in providing virtual Covid care.

When you scan the code you’ll be prompted to move through a series of questions related to symptoms and preferred appointment times.

  • Connect quickly, privately, and virtually
  • Meet with a provider in as few as 5* minutes
  • Same-day appointments always available
  • Prescriptions are sent directly to your pharmacy within 15 minutes of your appointment 
  • Ask questions in the comfort of your own home

*On Average

“COVID-19 isn’t done with us yet. Testing frequently and seeking treatment is our best line of defense against the spread of this virus and its variants. That’s why we’re excited to roll out this program—to make it as easy as possible for you to get tested and treated by way of our new Quick Care QR Codes™.”

Dr Matthew Abinante, DO, MPH
Rume Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s a free subscription program. This includes the cost of the tests, shipping, and virtual consultations. This program is billed directly to your insurance provider, which means you won’t pay anything out of pocket for this program.

No. Rume handles all the paperwork for you!

The Rume Health Group works with a large number of insurance carriers–and we work with them daily. We’re confident a majority of them will cover this plan due to remaining COVID-19 regulations. However, if it turns out that your carrier does not cover this program, Rume Health Group will cover it for you! No cost, no catch.

Your monthly delivery will include 8 FDA authorized tests. Each test includes a Quick Care QR Code™.

You can book an on-demand appointment with a Rume Health provider any time you conduct a test and get new results. Because 8 tests are included with every delivery, you could technically meet with a provider 8 times a month. But we hope you won’t need to!

This program is scheduled to run through Fall 2023, but a final date has not yet been scheduled. You will be notified via email when an end date has been selected.

Once you’re officially enrolled in the program you’ll receive an email containing details about your subscription, and directions on how to cancel. You can cancel at any time.

Conversely, Rume Health has the right to cancel your membership at anytime. If this happens you will be notified via email with an explanation of cancellation.

We are unable to write prescriptions for controlled substances, including:

• Narcotics and opioids
• Benzodiazepine
• Stimulants
• Antipsychotic medication

The end the federal PHE marks the end of certain federal regulations and data-collection initiatives, but it does not mark the end of COVID-19 itself.

As of May 2023, and according to the CDC, the U.S. is still seeing 1,200+ Covid-related deaths a week. The number of new Covid-related hospitalizations fluctuate between 12,000 and 10,000.

It’s still wise to take precaution if you’re feeling under the weather. This subscription program makes it easier than ever to get tested from the comfort of your own home. Don’t guess if it’s safe to see friends, family, and other important people in your life. Test and get treated with Rume.

Rume Health is the Management Service Organization for Rume Medical Group, Inc, a network of healthcare providers.

Can I purchase a test kit instead of
enrolling in the subscription program?

Yes, you can purchase the individual test packs here